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GBC stands for what athletes appriciates. Over 15 years of management experience primarely in professional golf Players Management and trustfull relationships with our clients.


GBC Management takes care of world class athletes based on our negotiation skills, influential network, client service ability, and the way we thrive under high pressure situations delivering our best results for our clients. Our clients are consistently impressed with our unique approach and full-range of services we offer.

We also work with several top brands and partners to help promote and establish client relationships and endorsements. GBC´s efforts extend to the day-to-day support that allows our clients to be successful.

When you become a client you are not just a member of the GBC team, you are part of a family. At GBC Athlete Management, our main focus is to make sure we maximize our client’s earning potential on and off the field while continuing to give them the resources and support to succeed in life.


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contracts · merchandise · advertisement

Contract & sponsorship negotiations

We plan investment – concepts, coordinate incentives for sponsors and take care of commercial advertisements

Attitude & Image

media · press · website
coaching · style

PR, image building & athlete branding

We assume your medial representation and press releases, as well as we start up image campains and charity cooperations


travel · tournaments · invitations
budgeting · training · physics

Tour organization, VISA & accommodation

We take care of your tour-management wich includes travel management, VISA, controlling, budget planning and much more